love, unquestionable

love, unquestionable
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28 January 2009

not what i had in mind... Mada meltdown

It's 3am in Madagascar, and I've just been on the phone with CNN in Atlanta for an interview, hopefully to hit the airwaves (or streamwaves) by tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, here's a list of links to news, photos, blogs, and stories, some more accurate than others, that have been following the craziness going on in the capital city.

Some are in French, others in English, more to follow.

This blog was intended to follow much less, shall we say, gripping news -- but there you have it. There's a political hullaballoo going on out there, and plenty of eyes and voices on the ground and elsewhere that have stories angles for every moment, and the means to share it with the world.

If it weren't 3am it'd be more comprehensible... but I'm new at this.

And as I've repeated at the end of many-a-rambling email over these past two days, I'm safe and sound, and hoping we all remain that way.

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  1. Keep up the good work! When will the CNN piece air/stream?