love, unquestionable

love, unquestionable
the glow is unmistakable

28 January 2009

live and direct

We didn't get to sleep until almost 5am, Holitiana and I. Never expected I'd be spending a tense, tired night awake fielding phone calls from CNN... but glad to be a very small part of the effort to keep the news pumping, as accurate and balanced as possible.

Thanks to Erin's initiative, Facebook's gi-normous reach across the globe, Google Talk, and daring friends like Eboni, Alex, and Holitiana with poignant photos of these past few days' events and a web of contacts stretching across Tana and through it's many layers, we've got a story out on CNN.

Check out one drop in the bucket:

Webcam interview to follow? Good thing coffee is in no short supply.

And keep on hoping and following along with the rest of us.

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